Source : Standard 12-3-08
  Eighty-six percent out of 442 submissions support the Urban Rene

wal Authority’s plan to redevelop a five-hectare site at Kwun Tong town center and Yuet Wah Street into residential and commercial complexes.


The Town Planning Board will consider the submissions on the Kwun Tong City Centre redevelopment on Friday.

The submissions were mainly from residents and shop owners. Legislator Alan Leong Ka-kit said in his submission that the proposed 280-meter landmark building at the site is about 40 percent higher than the existing 200-meter APM shopping mall. The high plot ratio of the 180-meter residential towers and the landmark building, ranging from 7.5 to 12, will not only block air circulation but also increase population and traffic pressure in the already dense district, he said. Some patrticipants suggested phasing the redevelopment to ease the impact on residents and shops, which will allow streetscapes to continue to feature.

In reply, the authority said the “cascading building form" with its split podium will provide an adequate breezeway for ventilation.

The Town Planning Board is expected to approve the plan on Friday.