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網站主持人: 原人,主要從事口述史、社區研究,透過故事、相片和影像,講我們心目中的官塘。

鏗鏘集報導︰重建輓歌 (2013年) 及 觀塘重建帶來的幾點啟示(2009年)




We are a group of local residents who care about the community of Kwun Tong (Kowloon East, Hong Kong). Through this blog, we hope we can share the photos, view points and our little stories of this local community before the Urban Renewal Authority redevelop this core area of Kwun Tong.

If you are interested in joining us(particpation in blog or join our cultural tour)or have anything to share with us, please email to us at: kwuntong2007@gmail.com

Hong Kong Collection@ RTHK

1. 重建輓歌 [The lament of redevelopment](2013)

2. 觀塘重建帶來的幾點啟示[The reminder of kwun tong redevelopment project] (2009)

Why Kwun Tong?

Kwun Tong was a project brought over from the previous Land Development Corporation (LDC) and is now handovered to Urban Renewal Authority (URA) to follow. The reason why we are choosing this place in this blog is because, Kwun Tong, unlike other redevelopment area like Lee Tung Street or the Graham Street that have some themes to reserve, this is only a really really local community – a place where the general public are, a place where we go and pass, a place where we live.

We do not need a theme in order to conserve our community. (So without any theme or special feature, our community is not worth to retain?!) But seems in recent years in Hong Kong, we need to do these themes in order to avoid redevelopment and arouse public awareness.

What we want to say is, a local community is just as casual as daily life. Redeveloping a place without a thorough community participation and engagement would be meanlingness. And this kind “violence" happens on others today, but it can fall to any of us who have a home in the future in Hong Kong.

So, share your views and voice out your comment to the government.

More English information, you can access this site “A Map of Our Own: Kwun Tong Cultures and Histories": http://www.kwuntongculture.hk/

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To think about:

– Do you know the roles of the mentioned departments in the urban renewal projects? (there are still many others related government department)